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Planets in Solar System | Universe GK

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Planets in Solar System

Planet Distance from the Sun (Million Km) Period of revolution around the Sun No of Satellites Mass time Earth Other details
Mercury 57.9 88 days 0 0.055 Nearest to the sun, smallest and fastest Planet
Venus 108.2 224.7 days 0 .815 Brightest, Hottest, Closest to earth
Earth 149.6 365.25 days 1 Most dense planet, watery planet and bios planet
Mars 227.9 687 days 2 .108
Jupiter 778.3 12 years 63 317.9 Largest planet, largest no. of satellites and smallest day
Saturn 1427 30 years 56 95.2 Least dense planet
Uranus 2869.6 84 years 12 14.6
Neptune 4496.6 165 years 8 17.2 Coldest, slowest to move round the sun, largest year

Note: According International agronomists Union (IAU) Pluto is no more a planet. Now our Solar system consists of 8 planets.


Planets in Universe GK

Planets in solar system universe gk

Planets in solar system universe gk

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