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Geography of Pakistan by Area | basic gk

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Geography of Pakistan by Area

in this lesson you will learn basic general knowledge about geography of pakistan by area this lesson is very useful for you people

  • Pakistan is divided into five ,physiographical divisions
  • 796096 sq.km the total area of Pakistan
  • Pakistan lies between the latitudes,24N to 37N.
  • Pakistan lies between the longitudes, 61 E to 75.5 E.
  • In 1963 year boundary agreement ,was signed by Pakistan and China,.
  • Wakhan, separates Pakistan ,from Tajikistan,.
  • Area of Wakhan is ,under the control, of Afghanistan.
  • The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is called Durand lines,.
  • In 1972 line of control came into existence.
  • The length of Pak-China border, is 595 km
  • The length of Pak-Afghan border, is 2252 km
  • The length of Pak-Iran border ,is 805 km,.
  • The length of Pak-India border, is 1610 km.
  • The total length of land border ,with different countries is 5262km.
  • The total length of coastline of Pakistan, 1046km.
  • Iran is located south west of Pakistan,.
  • China is located north and north east of Pakistan,.
  • India is located east of Pakistan,.
  • Afghanistan is located west of Pakistan,.
  • India ocean is located in south of Pakistan,.
  • Punjab covered the total area is205344 sqkm,.
  • Sindh covered the total area is140914 sqkm,.
  • Baluchitan covered the total area is347190 sqkm,.
  • N.W.F.P covered the total area is74521 sqkm,.
  • Islamabad covered the total area is906 sqkm,.
  • F.A.T.A covered the total area is2720 sqkm,.
  • According to international law ,Pakistan’s ,territorial sea limits is 12 nm.,
  • 58% area of Pakistan is covered by mountain, and plateaus,.
  • 42% area of Pakistan is covered by ,plains and deserts
  • Chaghi range separates Baluchistan plateau, from Afghanistan.
  • Ashraf Anan, was the first Pakistani to climb the K-2,.
  • Five peaks In Pakistan there are higher than 8000, meters,.
  • The height of broad peak, is 8047 meters.
  • In 1957 the broad peak was first climbed.

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