English to Urdu sentences

ESSAY OUTLINE: What are the hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state?

English to Urdu sentences


  1. Introduction
  2. Measures to gauge the independence of a state
  3. Critical analysis of Pakistan’s 68 years of independence
  4. Hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state:

The hurdles are of diverse categories, as:

I.    Political Hurdles

a.    Problematic borders
b.    Military domination: an impediment to development of other state institutions
c.    Lack of consensus among politicians on major issues
d.    Perennial issue of terrorism
e.    Shortsighted, imprudent and impetuously-designed foreign policy

II.    Administrative Hurdles

a.    Spineless bureaucracy
b.    Delayed justice
c.    Dishonesty, nepotism and red-tapism
d.    Flawed transparency and accountability mechanisms

III.    Economic Hurdles

a.    Vicious circle of poverty
b.    Outdated techniques of agricultural farming
c.    Unbridled inflation rate
d.    Undocumented economy
e.    Blind privatization


IV.    Religious Hurdles

a.    Pathetic role of religious icons for power lust
b.    Inculcation of anti-democratic sentiment in the minds of followers and support of dictatorship
c.    Use of religious followers as a pressure group
d.    Unignorable role of religious parties in promoting sectarianism
e.    Inclination toward taqleed rather than ijtihad

V.    Social hurdles

a.    Marginal and unproductive role of women
b.    Class disparities because of feudalism and landlordism
c.    Resistance of general masses to adopting new things
d.    Uncontrolled population growth

5.    Can we ever become a truly independent nation? Yes! 
6.    Recommendations for removing the hurdles in becoming a truly independent state

a.    Strengthening democracy by ensuring continuity of credible elections and proper vetting of candidates
b.    Devising meticulous, far-sighted and independent foreign policy
c.    A complete overhauling of administrative systems
d.    Adopting prudent and visionary economic policies
e.    Enacting of stringent laws to broaden the tax net
f.    Promoting of progressive scholars
g.    Launching of media campaign to change the mindset of society.

7.    Conclusion


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