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ESSAY OUTLINE: 70 YEARS of the United Nations | Successes, Failures and Way Forward

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1) Introduction
2) The UN Peace Preserver?
3) U N Charter remains unexecuted 
4) Successes:

Prevention of Third World War

  • Guaranteeing Sovereign Territorial integrity to weaker states
  • Peacekeeping and Prosecutions of Charles Taylor and Slobodan Milosevic
  •  Checking Nuclear Arms Proliferation
  •  Services in Economic and Social Sector
  •  Provision of succor and relief in times of crises
  •  Efforts for fighting Poverty and Hunger
  •  Initiatives against Gender/ Domestic violence and Child Abuse; Empowering women
  •  Help to Refugees and Asylum-Seekers
  • Humanitarian Assistance to War-Torn Regions and Backward areas in developing societies
  •  Educational Cultural Exchanges

5) Failures:

  •  Not Democratic in itself
  •  Membership of Security Council and Abuse of Veto
  •  Nuclear proliferation goes unabated
  •  The US invasion of Iraq
  •  Palestine Issue / Gaza Offensive / Israel Aggression
  •  Kashmir Issue & Indian Aggression
  •  Failure in Countering Terrorism
  • World gripped in too many socio-economic and political crises: the UN’s Role negligible
  • Rapes / Child Abuse Scandal: Rapes-Child Abuse in Congo
  • America’s undue involvement in internal affairs of states
  • Deteriorating environmental or climatic issues
  • Failures in Srebrenica Massacre, Rwanda Genocide, Atrocities committed by the communist regimes, Khmer Rouge

6) The UN: Hobson’s choice

7) Way forward

  • Overhauling the UN
  •  Different schools of thought about its Reformation
  •  Reforms in the Security Council
  •  Fashioning it on Democratic lines
  •  Eradication of Poverty: major task

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