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Cricket General Knowledge

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1. Which part of England is called the cradle of cricket? Broad Half-penny Down
2. When were the first widely accepted laws of cricket brought out? 1744
3. What is the length of the Pitch? 22 yards
4. Till 1889 how many balls an over used to be bowled? Four
5. What is a hat-trick? A bowler taking 3 wickets off 3 consecutive balls
6. When and where was the first Test played? Melbourne, 1877
7. Which is the oldest cricket club in the world? Marylebone Cricket Club
8. The second oldest cricket club in the world? Calcutta Cricket Club
9. When and where was the first Hindu cricket club formed? Bombay, 1866. Union Cricket Club
10. When did the Muslims form their first club? Mohammedans Cricket Club, 1883
11. When was the Board of Control for Cricket in India set up? 1927
12. When did India become a member of ICC? 1926 (before the formation of BCCI)
13. Who was the first one to score a Test century? Charles Bannerman of Australia
14. Which country has played most One-Day Internationals? Australia
15. What is the seating capacity of the M.C.G.? 130,000

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